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Why Gonzaga Will Win the 2022 March Madness Tournament

By Carlos Chacon

Gonzaga is among the frontrunners to take the No. 1 seed in the NCAA men’s basketball national tournament after securing the West Coast Conference championship for the third time in a row. The Bulldogs, who topped the rankings in the regular season, enter the postseason as favorites to win the championship. They were also favored to win last season’s title but had trouble dealing with Baylor.

This time around, head coach Mark Few and his boys have a few more tricks up their sleeves. The side records impressive numbers on offense and defense that unnerve the best teams in the league. That being said, Nitrobetting highlights why Gonzaga is set to take the 2022 NCAA men’s basketball title.

3 Reasons Gonzaga Will Finally Get The Job Done And Win Mark Few His First NCAA Title In 2022

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Two-way team

Gonzaga made it a point to address its vulnerabilities from last year. Not only do the Bulldogs lead the league in points per game, but the team also remains competitive on the defensive side while doing that. The Bulldogs lead the league in shooting while recording top-two shooting defense. Staying competitive in all aspects also means they can unearth opponents’ weak areas.

It’s rare to find a team that does everything on the court. Gonzaga is a new breed that paints a picture of Mark Few’s expertise. This makes the side more unpredictable and exciting to watch as they try to bounce back from an NCAA championship defeat last season.

Hardened Rosters

There’s more weight on Gonzaga’s lineup now, covering its lack of interior defense. Freshman Chet Holmegren’s persistency plays to the team’s advantage. His rim-protecting ability relieved some of the pressure off the Zags’ defense and poses a threat to teams that like to attack the basket. As of this writing, the Bulldogs top the league in defensive rebounding at 30.0 boards per game. They also hold a fifth-best record for blocks and average 5.8 per game.

Having more consistency on defense means that Gonzaga’s offense can focus on its priorities. Having Drew Timme at coach Mark’s disposal means they can utilize a go-to scorer during crucial times. His duo with guard Andrew Nembhard also means they have a good selection of decision-makers and scorers who can knock down shots for almost any spot. It made the Bulldogs a more complete team and close to their goal of winning its first championship title.

Exceptional Player Rotation

Coach Mark Few is good when it comes to player rotation. Having a deep squad plays to his advantage, but he’s done enough to preserve his core lineup until the postseason. Now, the side looks healthier than ever while riding on lots of momentum. Five players are averaging double digits, which means anyone can take over scoring duties for the side. On top of that, the bench players add plenty of value to the team. This gives players much-needed rest while Gonzaga maintains its intensity on the floor.

Ultimately, Gonzaga is bound to win a championship title for Gonzaga. Mark Few led his team to multiple WCC Tournament championships while the head coach picked up his 18th overall. This is the most of any head coach in Division I history and speaks volumes about his abilities. His era highlights a unique system that brings the best out of teams, and we look forward to the Bulldogs making another run at the title

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