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Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that facilitate instant payments anywhere in the world. They operate using peer-to-peer technology, with currency issuance and transaction management being handled collectively by the network, eliminating the need for a central authority. You can find a comprehensive introduction to cryptocurrencies on our blog here.

The Nitrogen brand was a pioneer in the sportsbook business, offering players the option to deposit, play and cashout quickly and hassle free with bitcoin. Now, we have expanded our deposit options to include multiple crypto currencies. Please note that your balance and all products will be denominated in mBTC (1BTC = 1000mBTC/0.001BTC = 1mBTC).

Whether you’re placing a bet, playing poker, or requesting a withdrawal, you will always use mBTC.

The first step is to download a cryptocurrency e-wallet to your computer or mobile device. You can then acquire cryptocurrencies from various online exchanges, as well as from many traditional retailers and cryptocurrency ATMs. Once you’ve acquired cryptocurrencies, they are promptly credited to your e-wallet, allowing you to engage in direct transactions with a growing array of merchants, like

Cryptocurrencies are a great option for a number of reasons:

  • Quicker processing times (instant deposits and withdrawals).
  • Cryptocurrencies and their infrastructure provide you with greater privacy (an email address is all you need to create an account).
  • No payment processing costs, and it eliminates the risk of credit card fraud.
  • Complete control over the security of your funds.

We employ industry-leading security practices to keep your funds safe. All deposited funds are sent directly to an offline cold-wallet, out of reach of potential hackers. Our online hot-wallet contains only enough crypto to process a day’s worth of transactions, and is replenished on a daily basis.

We recommend wallets with two-factor authentication (2FA) such as those recommended at Read our guides at Nitrobetting News Blog to learn more about Cryptocurrencies.

We recommend finding an exchange best suited to your location and desired payment method. Alternatively, many cities also now offer Crypto ATMs that allow you to instantly exchange cash for Cryptocurrencies. If you need more help, read our exclusive guide about buying Cryptocurrencies in our Guides Blog

No, all you need to create an account and start betting is a valid email address.

Click on the “Deposit” button.Choose the cryptocurrency you want to use. We will automatically generate a new deposit address. It is important to take note of the corresponding network in order for your deposit to be received. For BTC a new address will be needed for every deposit; for other cryptos, you will be assigned a deposit address and make sure you refresh the cashier before your next deposit. Copy your address into your e-wallet and instantly send your funds. If you are using a mobile wallet you can deposit by simply scanning the QR code accompanying your unique address. Once you have completed a deposit to your BTC address, next time you go to “Deposit” you will see a new BTC deposit address. It is best to always use a new deposit address, both for security reasons and in order for our system to automatically track your funds. For other cryptos (nonBTC), always visit the cashier before your next deposit so we can track your deposit, but the deposit address will not change.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a second layer of security to protect an account or system.

For added security, you can enable two-factor authentication on your account using an app like Google Authenticator (Android / iOS). Once active, you will be required to use a One Time Password (OTP) each time you log on, or when performing other secure functions.

There is no minimum deposit. However, do take into account there is a minimum bet amount.

There is no limit on the maximum deposit.

The minimum a player can request is 0.5 mBTC (0.0005 BTC).

Same as account reloads, players can withdraw as much as they want. For security reasons, the cashier has a maximum amount per request. However, you can always contact Customer Support and request we overwrite our limits so you can submit the amount you want to cashout. Please keep in mind that all withdrawals will undergo an internal review process and any amount larger than 1000 mBTC (1 BTC) may require extra revisions, and that may take from 24-72 hours.

Please make sure you have a valid email address registered and your 2FA active. In some cases, our Processing team may try to contact you via email. Make sure you follow the site rules and that your account has a deposit history. If you are playing using bonus or promotional funds, you will need to deposit and play in order to upgrade your account as a depositor.

All deposits will require the following amount of confirmations before funds can be credited to your account:

  • Up to 125 mBTC – 1 confirmation
  • Up to 250 mBTC – 2 confirmations
  • Up to 500 mBTC – 3 confirmations
  • Up to 1000 mBTC – 4 confirmations
  • Up to 2000 mBTC – 5 confirmations
  • Up to 4000 mBTC – 6 confirmations
  • USDT (BEP20) – 15 confirmations
  • BNB (BEP20) – 15 confirmations
  • USDC (BEP20) – 15 confirmations
  • LTC (Native chain) – 3 confirmations

If you do not see your deposit credited after receiving the necessary confirmations, please contact our support team at [email protected] with all the details of your transaction.

The vast majority of withdrawals are processed very quickly.  Your withdrawal should be approved in no more then 2-3 hours, could even take just a few minutes. If you have any concerns about a withdrawal please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

You may claim your first deposit bonus as soon as your first deposit is credited. Choose between the sports or casino bonus. Depending on the bonus you choose, only action under that product will count towards releasing your bonus. As you complete the necessary action/turnover (placing bets or playing casino) your bonus amount will be released to your available balance, every time you complete 20% of your turnover, 20% of your bonus funds will be released. Our unique Real Wager bonus pays you as you play. For more details about Nitrobetting’s promotions, click here.

A turnover, or rollover, is the number of times that a player must risk the bonus amount before bonus funds will be released and credited to the balance.  Unlike other sportsbooks, our turnover requirements are calculated on the bonus amount only. This action or volume requirement is based on the risk amount on sports or casino. For sports, only graded wagers will be considered for turnover purposes; therefore, pending or cancelled wagers will not be included.