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Shocking 2023 NFL Season Predictions

By Hank Blaine

The NFL has become one of the top parity sports leagues in the world. By parity, we mean that although franchises like the Bengals, Chiefs, and 49ers routinely win in the playoffs, teams making the playoffs change from season to season. Also, Kansas City, Cincinnati, and San Francisco don’t always make the Super Bowl. There is no Manchester City or Bayern Munich in the National Football League. With that in mind, check out the top seven shocking NFL predictions for 2023.

7 Shocking NFL Season Predictions for 2023

The Denver Broncos will win the AFC West Division

The Kansas City Chiefs are the favorite to take the AFC West. KC should be. The defending Super Bowl Champions boast one of the best quarterbacks in the league’s history, Patrick Mahomes.

We know Magic Mahomes has barely touched the surface of his incredible abilities. Still, we think he’s one of the best ever. But Mahomes can’t do it all by himself.

Denver is going to be much improved. Sean Payton will put Russell Wilson back onto the path of greatness, while the defense is better than KC’s. The Broncos win the AFC West.

Buffalo won’t make the playoffs

Talk about shocking picks, right? The second choice to win the AFC Conference and third odds choice to win the Super Bowl won’t even make the NFL’s postseason.

First, the Patriots, Jets, and Dolphins will hand the Bills at least 4 losses. Second, Buffalo must play the Bengals in Cincinnati and the Chiefs in Kansas City. That’s 6 losses.

The Eagles, Cowboys, Chargers, and Jaguars are also on the schedule. Buffalo loses 2 of those 4 games to finish 9-8. At 9-8, the Bills will miss the playoffs.

The Patriots will win the AFC East

We recently wrote a blog about why the New England Patriots are good enough to win the AFC East Division at ridiculously overlaid +810 odds.

The Pats’ offense will rock if quarterback Mac Jones and Bill O’Brien get on the same page. The defense has the makings of the best in the NFL. Bill Belichick, for sure, has a plan this season. Don’t be surprised when the Patriots come out ahead in the deep AFC East.

Jacksonville will secure the top seed in the AFC Playoffs

The Jaguars are a solid team. They’re so solid, and so deep on both sides of the football, that if Trevor Lawrence takes the next step, the Jags could boast the AFC’s best record.

A lot of success in the NFL comes down to strength of schedule. The Jags should sweep their AFC South opponents, the Colts, Titans, and Texans, and beat 3-of-4 NFC South squads: Atlanta, Carolina, and Tampa.

Count it up and Jacksonville is good for at least 9 wins. Jacksonville could be KC and Buffalo this season because the games happen on the Jaguar’s field. So now we’re up to 11 wins.

Victories over the Browns and Steelers are possible. 13-4 will be good enough for the AFC’s 1-seed.

The New Orleans Saints will make it to the NFC Championship

Sounds crazy, right? But think about it. The two best teams in the AFC are the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles.

Dallas might be the third best team. But how much better is Dallas’ defense than the Saints’ D? Also, how much better is Dak Prescott than New Orleans quarterback Derek Carr? It starts to make sense that if any team in the NFC can break the Philly versus SF NFC Championship projection, it’s New Orleans.

Carolina will bench Bryce Young before NFL Week 8

Anthony Richardson got the start in Indianapolis because Richardson is a prototypical NFL quarterback. Bryce Young isn’t.

Young has talent, but he lacks size. He also might be overthinking situations and not relying enough on his physical abilities. In addition, Young plays behind what appears to be a bad offensive line. So the Panthers will want to protect their investment.

Carolina benches Bryce before NFL Week 8, goes to the drawing board to get a decent O-line in front of him for 2024, and then rides out the season with backup Andy Dalton or Matt Corral.

Anthony Richardson leads the Colts to a wildcard/h3>

Richardson got the starting nod on August 15. The former Florida quarterback has the makings of one of the better signal-callers in the league. Physically, he might be the most gifted player to start at quarterback since Patrick Mahomes.

So the talent is there. The Colts were bad last season, which means the schedule is workable. The new school AR, Aaron Rodgers is the old school AR, leads Indy to the playoffs.

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