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Gear Up for the Survivor Season With Nitrobetting’s NBA x WNBA Blitz Promo

By Jeff Stinger

The NFL season is just a couple of months away and sports-betting fans are eagerly awaiting the return of their season-long survivor campaigns. We here at Nitrobetting can’t get enough of the survivor action ourselves, which is why we’re bringing the survivor fever back and early with our unique take on the contest.

We’re proud to introduce our special 2023 Nitro Survivor NBA x WNBA Blitz Promo, which will run for 10 days/rounds between July 10 and July 22, 2023. Get the full Nitro Survivor experience with a hybrid of NBA and WNBA teams to choose from daily for the duration of the event.

There are two survivor pools to choose from, with one being a FREE ENTRY pool with 2 mBTC (~$60) up for grabs for all Nitrobetting users. Then there’s a low buy-in pool where your mere .05 mBTC (~$1) buy-in can easily turn into a hefty 15 mBTC (~$450) payout!  

NBA x WNBA Survivor Blitz table

Nitrobetting users can join an NBA x WNBA Blitz survivor pool between July 5 to July 10, 2023, at 10:30 PM EST. Join now and see if you can outlast the competition and join the ranks of Nitrobetting’s ultimate survivors! We also hope to see you all in our Nitro Survivor pools again when the 2023 NFL season rolls around!

Click here for more details and the terms and conditions for our Free Spins Madness promo. For survivor beginners, check out our Nitro NFL Survivor Guide here.

Not yet a part of the Nitrobetting crew? Create a Nitrobetting account to start placing stakes on the Nitro Sportsbook for a chance to win tons of crypto from the NBA, WNBA, NFL, and all major sports leagues from all over the world. If you enjoyed our Nitro Survivor offerings, check out our Nitro Squares and Nitro Picks contests as well.

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