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More Nitro Picks, Nitro Squares, and Nitro Survivor Contests This November

By Jeff Stinger

It’s a great time to be a sports fan, that’s for sure. Apart from the holiday season going into full swing, there’s a wealth of sporting events to keep us entertained this fall all the way into winter, particularly the intense action from the NFL and the NBA.

As such, Nitrobetting is back with even more of our Nitro Contests throughout November. From Nitro Survivor to Nitro Picks and Nitro Squares, there’s more than one way to partake in more unique betting options for the remainder of the NFL and NBA campaigns!

Nitro Survivor

It’s been a tumultuous experience over in our Nitro NFL Survivor Pools, as dozens of survivors have already fallen following countless upsets from the first eight weeks of the 2023 football season. But fret not, as we’re bringing back our final mid-season reboot with four new Nitro NFL Week 9 Restart Survivor Pools!

Not to be outdone, we’re also holding three additional NBA survivor contests with the return of our NBA Blitz Survivor Pools! Play 10 rounds of NBA Survivor and see if you can outlast the survivor competition on the digital hardcourts!

Each of our NFL Week 9 Restart Survivor Pools and our NBA Blitz pools have one free entry for all to join and several buy-in pools to choose from at very minimal costs. Learn more about our Nitro Survivor contests here.

Nitro Picks

Even though one lucky Nitrobetting user had just won our Nitro Picks Super Jackpot contest recently, we’re not done dishing out multiple Nitro Picks this entire month just yet. Each week this November, we have 15 Nitro NFL Picks contests lined up (10 buy-in and five free-entry contests), along with one free NBA Picks entry and two additional buy-in NBA Picks options.

Nitro NFL Picks are loaded every week at that, as there will be contests for each of the NFL’s weekly broadcast schedules. Get your Nitro Picks ready for every primetime game on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday nights, as well as both the early and mid-afternoon window of games on Sunday.

With nearly 8 mBTC (~$280) in total guaranteed prizes up for grabs, now’s a great chance to put your parlay prowess to the test with our numerous Nitro Picks offerings! Learn more about our Nitro Picks contests here.

Nitro Squares

Last but not least, our Nitro Squares are still very active as well and will mirror our Nitro Picks in terms of the number of contests for both football and basketball action. 15 Nitro NFL Squares (10 buy-in contests and five free-entry contests) are offered every week, and three Nitro NBA Squares (two buy-in and one free-entry) daily are on the table to test one’s luck in predicting the final score of any given NFL or NBA game this November!

With buy-in amounts ranging from as little as under a single buck to no more than five real US Dollars, there’s no reason to miss out on the Nitro Squares thrills to give your NFL and NBA viewing experiences an exciting boost! Learn more about our Nitro Squares contests here.

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