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Latest Rumors on Travis Kelce Dating Taylor Swift

By Jeff Stinger

The new NFL season is already filled with drama from all the on-field action, and now the intrigue surrounding the league has caught up with the music and entertainment business as well. Kansas City Chiefs running back Travis Kelce has been reported to be dating pop singer and songwriter Taylor Swift. Are these rumors true, or are these two celebrities just playing the media like a fool?

Nitrobetting is ready to take your bets into the end zone this 2023 NFL season. Let’s take a quick detour from the action on the gridiron and step onto the red carpet for a moment to break down the latest rumors about Travis Kelce possibly dating Taylor Swift.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Dating Rumors

In what’s been the biggest sports-entertainment cross-over news of the year, everybody is buzzing about a possible romance between Two-time Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce and ultimate pop sensation Taylor Swift. News slowly started to trickle about a budding relationship between the two superstars, and it’s clear that the two are having a ball teasing their relationship in public.

The speculations ramped up even further when Kelce’s brother and fellow NFL All-Pro selection Jason confirmed earlier this week that the two are indeed dating. However, Travis immediately shut that rumor down, going even as far as saying that he “threw the ball in [Taylor’s] court”, meaning that it’s up to Swift to reciprocate the sentiment of them being an official love team.

Should the two end up being an actual item, the NFL will get its first high-profile power couple since Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen hooked up in the 2000s. Not only will the league pull more non-football fans to watch the sport, but it will also open up more avenues for cross-promotions in the music world and send the NFL’s popularity to new heights worldwide.

Kelce and the Chiefs, meanwhile, best not get too caught up with the showbiz noise when it comes back down to business. Kansas City is still the odds-on favorite to repeat as Super Bowl champion this season, but the news about Kelce and Swift, along with Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson still in hot water, might be unwanted distractions that could derail KC’s ultimate goal of winning back-to-back Lombardis.

All things considered, Kelce seems to have hauled in the biggest catch of his life, and the irony is not lost that he might’ve scored the jackpot outside of the football field and straight into Taylor’s heart instead. Seems that everything is just going “All Too Well” for the 33-year-old superstar tight end!

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