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How to Bet on 2024 March Madness

By Hank Blaine

The 2024 March Madness Tournament tips on Tuesday, March 19 when the First Four gets things going. This season’s championship game takes place on Monday, April 8. Before reading about the teams that could get it done, and setting a March Madness betting strategy, check out a few tips to keep in mind. The thing about the college hoops tournament is that if we’re smart, we can make out like gangbusters. But if we aren’t, we’ll take a beating check out betting tips for 2024 March Madness.

A Closer Look at the 2024 March Madness Tournament

Think moneyline upsets in the first two rounds

If a big time money line upset is going to happen, it should happen in the first couple of rounds. There is a reason for this. Selection Sunday is on March 17.

Round 1 games happen on Thursday and Friday with second round games on Saturday and Sunday. The proximity of games as well as limited time between Selection Sunday and the first round means coaches don’t have much time to prepare their squads for their first and second round opponents.

Mid-majors don’t change the way they play. So a mid-major will continue to play their style. Often, this forces the favored team to switch their style, which makes players uncomfortable. So if you’re looking to play money line upsets, do so in the first and second rounds.

Consider a blue blood to win the title

It’s fun to pick a long shot to win the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament. However, it’s not wise to pick and underdog to cut down the nets.

Even if we don’t count Virginia or Baylor as blue bloods, the most historic programs in NCAA win the college hoops tournament. Since 2014, not counting the Bears and Cavaliers, Villanova, North Carolina, Kansas, Duke, and UConn have won the title.

So if you make a future bet on one of those five programs, your chances of winning your bet are decent.

Don’t overthink totals

NCAA Tournament totals are tough. The reason is that teams aren’t familiar with their opponents, especially in the first two rounds. So a team that should go under may go over.

Also, a game that should go over, may go under. Don’t sweat totals. There are plenty of other bets. For sure, if you like a total, go for it. But don’t force a total wager if there isn’t one that stand out to you.

Keep parlays to a minimum

The same goes for parlays. Hitting spread bets in the NCAA Tournament isn’t easy. So making a single winning bet will be a challenge.

Don’t bet parlays with more than 3 games, 4 games max. It’s better to concentrate on a single game and bet it before tip off and then bet it live instead of putting together parlays with too many teams.

If in doubt, favor the team getting points

If you have doubts, but you want to bet the game, back the team getting the points. Then, if your bet turns out to be a loser during the game, go ahead and bet it live the other way to cut your losses.

Underdogs cover a sizable percentage in the NCAA Tournament. So when in doubt, take the points.

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