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Top eSports Betting Picks of the Week – December 19th, 2022

By Hank Blaine

Like for most things right before December 25, it’s a slow week in eSports. Not only that, but odds have yet to land for most matches. Still, there is enough action for eSports handicappers, including the six matches shown here. Check out analysis and free picks for six of this week’s top eSports contests.

Top eSports Betting Picks of the Week (December 19th, 2022)

Dota 2 – BetBoom Xmas Show 2022

Team Spirit vs. Ancient Tribe

  • When: Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2022

Spirit has won 4-of-5. 3 of the 4 wins have happened in December. Not only have 3 of the 4 wins happened this month, but all 3 victories were in a row.

Ancient Tribe has just a single victory in their last 4. Tribe beat No Vision on Nov. 16. In their last on Dec. 19, Ancient Tribe fell to Puck Champ 2-0. Team Spirit has no business losing this match.

eSports Betting Pick: Team Spirit

Nemiga Gaming vs. Mind Games

  • When: Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2022

Nemiga suffered 3 straight losses in October. But since starting play in December, Nemiga is on a 2-match winning streak.

Mind Games has 2 wins in their last 5. In their last, Mind games beat Ivy 2-1. Both these teams are in strong form. Mind Games gets the nod because there’s a chance Nemiga bounces after winning 2 straight.

eSports Betting Pick: Mind Games

Dota 2 – Star Series 2022

IG Vitality vs. Neon Sports

  • When: Thursday, Dec. 22, 2022

Vitality shows 2 wins, a loss, and a drew in their last 5. Neon Sports shows 2 losses and three draws.

Why is Neon a slight favorite over Vitality? The two drew in the last head-to-head, but Vitality lost to XERXIA 2-0 while Neon drew with XERXIA. This can go either way. So the taking the better odds on Vitality makes sense.

eSports Betting Pick: IG Vitality +202



  • When: Thursday, Dec. 22, 2022

Serbian team ACE eSports shows 3 wins and 2 losses in their last 5. In their last 2, ACE beat RedPack eSports and Ludus Gaming.

LANDODGERS has won 3 straight. 1 of the victories was over ACE in the last head-to-head. There’s nothing in either team’s form to suggest ACE turns the tables. LANDODGERS gets the nod.

eSports Betting Pick: LANDODGERS

Counter-Strike: eXTREMESLAND Festival 2022

Rare Atom vs. TrEa

  • When: Friday, Dec. 23, 2022

Rare Atom had won 3 straight but in their last couple of matches, Rare Atom hasn’t performed well. Both Lynn Vision and IHC Esports beat Rare Atom.

TrEa hasn’t played since Jan. 15. When they did, TrEa fell 2-0 in a match versus Tyloo. Rare Atom may not offer decent odds, but they should win this no problem.

eSports Betting Pick: Rare Atom

Tyloo vs. Renewal

  • When: Saturday, Dec. 24, 2022

This should be an interesting match. Tyloo hasn’t played since late October. Before the break,. Tyloo wasn’t playing well when losing 4-of-5.

Renewal has won 2-of-5. Renewal has the recency edge. But Tyloo should be ready to get back on the right track. Tyloo stamps their return with a victory.

eSports Betting Pick: Tyloo

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