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Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka Beef History

By Carlos Chacon

Now more than ever, two of the PGA TOUR’s biggest stars in Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka have made their disdain for one another more and more apparent in front of the media. Some would say that the beef between these young competitors is for real, whilst others speculate that the two are just putting on a show for publicity.

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A Brief History of Bryson DeChambeau vs. Brooks Koepka

“Slow” Simmering Beef

The feud between Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka dates back to the start of 2019 in the KSA, where the two participated at the Saudi International. Koepka would go on to complain about DeChambeau taking too long at picking a club when there are several other golfers waiting for him to make his shot in the event.

DeChambeau would deny Koepka’s claim that he’s intentionally dragging on his time on the tee, stating that his team always makes an effort to make calculated decisions without taking too much time. From there, the beef between the two U.S. Open champions was born.

A Pinch of Pepperell

,p>By August of that same year, DeChambeau was once again criticized for his slow turns at The Northern Trust. This time, fellow PGA TOUR golfer Eddie Pepperell chimed in on Twitter by bashing the 27-year-old for his glacial pace of play.

It just so happened that Koepka was a part of the event and that both made it to the final round of the tournament. DeChambeau approached Koepka’s caddie and told him to tell his boss to raise issues about DeChambeau’s slow play to his face. The two would reconcile and appear to have newfound respect for one another after the event, even going as far as making a radio appearance together to address their menial spat.

Slabs of Abs

The new year brought a rekindled feud between Koepka and DeChambeau. This time around, it would be the latter who’ll fire the first shot.

In January last year, Koepka was featured on ESPN’s Body Issue. This irked DeChambeau, who criticized the FSU product’s physique by saying that he has better abs than his rival. “The Scientist” was quickly humbled by Koepka’s own jab, with the four-time majors winner bragging about how many more majors he’s won than DeChambeau.

The May-n Course

The beef between the two would reach a fever point this past May, as a video was leaked showing Koepka being really bothered by DeChambeau’s background interference during a Golf Channel interview after the second round of the PGA Championship. DeCahambeau was seen muttering something inaudible as he passed by Koepka’s frame during the interview, and that’s when things got very messy.

Visibly perturbed by the incident, Koepka lost his cool. He rolled his eyes and started cussing before asking the interviewing crew for a reshoot. This heated clip should never have made it to the public to begin with, but alas; it was leaked for all of social media to witness nonetheless.

Before the end of the month, DeChambeau would add another feather in his cap by being selected as NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ partner for the exhibition golf tournament The Match against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson. Burns were exchanged between the two via Twitter, with Koepka getting the last laugh after he shared a video of DeChambeau being really annoyed when someone called him “Brooksy”.

Palate Cleansers

Although chants of “Brooksy” started getting louder after the Twitter war in May, DeChambeau admitted that he was more flattered than bothered by the chants. In June, Bryson would even be quoted saying that the added attention is “great for the PIP fund.” The PGA TOUR’s Player Impact Fund (PIP) awards golfers who’ve gotten the most traction on social media.

With the cat out of the bag that golfers are earning more on the side due to their off-field activities, the troll jobs between DeChambeau and Koepka have ramped up since then, with the latter getting the better of the former on most occasions. DeChambeau did pull off a similar stunt as his interview-crashing antics in May, but in a more playful manner that didn’t really bother Koepka the second time around.

However, with “Brooksy” chants from the audience intensifying across tournaments since that infamous video leaked, the PGA TOUR warned that chants of “Brooksy” and other disruptive conduct from fans may be subject to dismissal from the tournament grounds. While the TOUR has its right to preserve the integrity of the sport by turning down the raucous that the feud has caused, wouldn’t it have been fun to see golf turn into a real-life Happy Gilmore affair with beer hats and hecklers all around even if for just one event?

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