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Best Super Bowl 56 Prop Bets

By Hank Blaine

The Super Bowl is like no other sporting event in the world, which is why it’s important for NFL handicappers to jump on prop bets almost as soon as they land. NitroBetting has posted for Super Bowl 56 prop wagers. Check out a list of the top six bets that should be on your radar.

Top Super Bowl 56 Props to Bet On

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Tee Higgins over 68.5 receiving yards

  • Super Bowl 56 Prop Odds:-115

Jalen Ramsey wants to cover Ja’Marr Chase 1-on-1. Although Chase should still have a decent game, he may act as more of a decoy. Ramsey is a much better cover corner than Darious Williams. Williams will get some help, but Tee Higgins often provides crossing routes.

So if Ramsey is on Chase, and Chase goes long, there’s a chance the free safety flows to Ramsey to help the Rams’ top corner. If that happens, Higgins could catch the ball over the middle, which he does often, and then fly down field. 68.5 receiving yards should be close to a sure thing.

Matthew Stafford over .5 interceptions

  • Super Bowl 56 Prop Odds:-137

Stafford threw just a single pick in 3 playoff games. But the pick came against the San Francisco 49ers. So we should expect Zac Taylor’s staff to have poured over game film. Staff should have thrown 2 picks in the NFC Championship. Taylor will put his underrated secondary into positions to have success against the Rams’ quarterback.

Joe Burrow passing yards over 237.5

  • Super Bowl 56 Prop Odds:-115

The Rams’ front seven is very good against the rush. Taylor knows this. He also knows the Bengals must chip on Von Miller and double-team Aaron Donald. Doing so should free up Higgins and Joe Mixon for short catches in the middle of the field. When both are in space, they can make special things happen. So expect Joe Cool to throw for close to 250 if not 300.

Safety scored Yes

  • Super Bowl 56 Prop Odds:+999

Safeties don’t often happen in Super Bowls. But they have happened in the past. The first score in the 2016 Super Bowl was a safety by Von Miller. Miller happens to play in this game. That doesn’t mean a safety will happen. It does mean that at the NFL odds, we must consider.

Successful 2-point conversion Yes

  • Super Bowl 56 Prop Odds:+265

Going for 2 has become more normal in recent seasons. Not only that, but both coaches, Zac Taylor with the Bengals and Sean McVay with the Rams, are aggressive. A 2-point conversion can be the dagger into the heart of your opponent. Also, the sheet says go for 2 more often than many of us might realize.

Team to call first timeout Los Angeles Rams

  • Super Bowl 56 Prop Odds:-120

Joe Burrow is fantastic at managing the clock. He rarely must call a time out due to the play clock rolling down to zero. At times during the season, and even in the playoffs, Matthew Stafford has had to burn a timeout to ensure the Rams don’t acquire a delay of game penalty. It’s not always Stafford’s fault. A lot of times, the play has gotten to him late. So we should assume the Rams call a timeout before the Bengals. Again, this isn’t a sure thing, but because of past history the odds make this prop more than fair.

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*All odds stated are subject to change without prior notice.