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Angola vs. South Sudan 2023 FIBA World Cup Odds and Preview

By Jeff Stinger

South Sudan stays alive in the race for the 2024 Olympics and the Olympic Qualifying Tournaments following a comfortable 87-68 victory over co-hosts Philippines. Basketball’s youngest nation showcased their talent and bounced back from a loss to Serbia in the opening round. South Sudan also became the first African team in the tournament with two victories.

Head coach Royal Ivey and his crew prepare for a clash against another African nation this weekend. South Sudan will play Angola after the latter made a fairly good impression in the first round of the competition. They fought tooth and nail against Italy and the Dominican Republic, managing to win against the Philippines. But, their defeat to China makes things tricky looking at their chances of Olympic Games qualification.

Angola vs. South Sudan 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup Game Info

Why Bet on Angola?

The Angola national team stood out in the first round of the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup. They put pressure on Italy and the Dominican Republic, while managing to defeat the tournament co-hosts. Angola plays clinical basketball among all the African teams in the pool. To further improve their game, the team needs to shoot better and have a more consistent selection of backcourt players. Bruno Fernando lived up to his task as the team’s primary player. Meanwhile, Jilson Bango and Silvio De Sousa also play stellar basketball with Fernando.

Angola’s guard selection also has a standout man in the name of Childe Dundao. Although he struggled to shoot throughout the championship, he made up for his lack of height with agility and grit.

It’s easy to anticipate how Angola starts this one out. They will attempt to take charge of the game early on against South Sudan, feeding the ball to their key players in the low post. Fernando will likely have an interesting tussle versus South Sudan’s interior defense. What could potentially be a window of opportunity for 11-time AfroBasket winners is tactical training, as they seem to have this advantage over their rivals.

To secure a spot in Tokyo, the team needs to win this game by 13 points or more, assuming New Zealand gets past Egypt. However, if the Egyptians win their next encounter, Angola needs to win by at least 23 points.

Why Bet on South Sudan?

South Sudan is neck-and-neck with Angola as one of the more impressive African nations in the tourney. They scored a win and dropped two games in the first round. Nevertheless, we’ve seen this side do wonders when all players connect on the floor.

Carlik Jones is the player to watch for South Sudan. Jones was the leading scorer of the G-League last season and finished his run as the MVP. He currently tops the scoring and assists of South Sudan. He nearly set a first FIBA World Cup triple-double record versus the Philippines but was a rebound short of a historical performance. Working hard alongside him is Nuni Omot and Dut Jok Kacuol, while Wenyen Gabriel’s fundamentals fulfill the role expected of him.

The primary goal for South Sudan here is to match up to their opponent’s physical and aggressive nature. They have the right tools in the bag to do so. As such, Jones will use his advantage over his opponents and we expect him to put up positive figures on the offensive side. Furthermore, this is a crucial game for the team if they want to secure a spot in Paris. South Sudan needs to win by at least a point or more than the margin by which Egypt potentially defeats New Zealand.

Angola vs. South Sudan Expert Betting Prediction

This is a critical match for the South Sudan men’s national basketball team. They have lots of momentum leading up to the game and motivation at its highest. We will see how well they manage this pace. Of course, head coach Luol Deng will play a significant role in attempting to influence his compatriots and point them in the right direction.

Meanwhile, Angola needs to match their opponent’s energy here. It won’t be easy for them to get past a team with this much tempo. Considering their record, covering the spread should be doable for the Angolans as they try to make history and reach the next round.

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