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Join our 2023 NFL Nitro Picks Contest with a Massive 1 BTC Super Jackpot

By Jeff Stinger

Nitrobetting isn’t done delivering the best football betting experience using crypto even with our 2023 Nitro NFL Survivor Pools still growing in number of participants. This time around, we’re bringing back our one-of-a-kind Nitro Picks: 1 BTC Super Jackpot contest to keep the wagering action as hot as can be all season long.

Each week during the 2023 NFL regular season, Nitrobetting will feature one (1) unique Nitro Picks contest with a mere 0.1 mBTC buy-in (~$3). Users simply have to predict all 12 matches/lines correctly in the weekly Nitro Picks: 1 BTC Super Jackpot contest for a chance to take home the grand prize and bragging rights as the best Nitro Picks performer of the season.

The risk is definitely worth the reward, especially with the jackpot prize pool increasing each week should nobody win the jackpot during the prior week. Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season will have the jackpot amount set at 400 mBTC (~$10,000) and will see a cumulative increase of 40 mBTC ($1,000) each week that the jackpot has not been won. By Week 18, if nobody has hit the jackpot just yet, the jackpot will amount to a total of 1,080 mBTC (~28,200)!

If the jackpot prize is hit for a certain week, the regular prize pool will be voided and only the pre-set jackpot amount will be awarded to the winner(s). When the jackpot prize is won, the jackpot part of the promo will be over but the regular prize pool from the buy-ins will continue for the rest of the regular season. 

If no player gets the 12-of-12 picks correctly, meaning the jackpot prize is not hit, the regular prize pool (buy-in times the number of entries, less the contest fee) will be the main prize pot. The top 10 players in this contest will be paid according to the payout breakdown below:

2023 Nitro Picks: 1 BTC Super Jackpot Payout Scheme (Top 10 Paid)


Nitro Picks Super Jackpot payout table

Nitro Picks: 1 BTC Super Jackpot FAQs and Guidelines

  • This is a special Nitro Picks contest wherein there will be designated contests that will qualify for the Nitro Picks: 1 BTC Super Jackpot promo. Only the participants and winners in these designated contests will be eligible to win the jackpot prize stated in the promo.
  • Weekly throughout the 2023 NFL regular season, there will be one (1) Nitro Picks contest that will serve as a specially designated contest. This will be explicitly stated in that contest. The promo runs from September 1, 2023, to the final day of the 2023 NFL regular season.
  • The standard Nitro Picks payout system to the regular winner will be applied in this contest, where the prize pool will be equal to the number of entries multiplied by the amount of buy-in (less the tournament fee of 1% of the buy-in).
  • All eligible winners with perfect picks will win/share the added jackpot prize of 400 mBTC. This is on top of the regular winnings from the total buy-ins for that contest.
  • If no player can hit the jackpot in a week, Nitrobetting will add a 40 mBTC prize to the jackpot pool the following week.

    • For example: if there are no winners in Week 1, Week 2’s jackpot will grow to 440 mBTC. If there is still no jackpot winner in Week 2, then the jackpot will grow to 480 mBTC in Week 3, and so on.
    • The maximum super jackpot is 1,080 mBTC (by Week 18) if there are no jackpot winners from Weeks 1 to Week 17.

  • In case the jackpot is hit in any week, there will be no more jackpot prizes for the rest of the season but there will be a regular prize pool contest.

Head over to our Nitro Picks main page to start placing your stakes on the Nitro Picks: 1 BTC Super Jackpot contest as early as now, as well as our comprehensive FAQs and guides for everything related to Nitro Picks contests in general.

Create a Nitrobetting account to get in on the Nitro Picks: 1 BTC Super Jackpot action instantly! There are even more special contests on the site throughout the 2023 NFL season, including the public and private Nitro NFL Survivor Pools with even bigger crypto prizes on the line! Find out more about Nitro NFL Survivor contests here.

Keep it tuned here at Nitrobetting for more Nitro Picks and Nitro NFL Survivor updates, and best of luck to all our bettors looking to win the crypto motherlode in 2023!

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