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2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting Keys

By Hank Blaine

Making money on the NHL Playoffs requires a strategy. The National Hockey League has more parity than any of the other three major sports leagues, including the NBA, MLB, and NFL. Teams that finished far off their first round opponents find ways to beat their first round higher-seeded rivals. Because if that, it’s important for us as hockey handicappers to understand the keys to making profit during the NHL Playoffs. Check out five keys to scoring big bucks during the NHL playoffs.

Keys to Profitable Betting on the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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If the chalk offers underlay odds, go with the dog

No other sports league’s playoffs work like the National Hockey League’s. In the Association, individual players can dominate. Jimmy Butler ransacked Atlanta in 2-games during Miami’s recent 4 games to 1 series win. In the NFL posteason, it’s difficult to find underlays because it’s often apparent which team is better.

The MLB postseason is all about pitching matchups. But in the NHL, overlays and underlays occur every night and it can occur in almost every game. Home ice means something, but players are so close to each other in terms of talent, and hockey is such a team sport, that we mustn’t ever settle for underlays. Always back the overlay once the NHL postseason starts.

Don’t fall in love with any specific team

This happens to all of us. We spend an entire season making money on a team, maybe it’s the Florida Panthers this season, and then we follow them in the playoffs no matter what happens.

Washington went 1-2 versus the Panthers in 3 matches during the regular season. If the Caps play against the Panthers in the first round, which is almost a sure thing, are you willing to back Florida even though they’ve got an interim head coach? If so, how many games are you willing to back them to beat the Caps?

Give underdogs much love at home

Dogs at home step it up no matter the sport. During the NHL Playoffs, home dogs are particularly difficult to beat. If you see any home underdog going off at overlay odds, consider backing them to beat their favored opponent. It shouldn’t often happen because there’s so much parity in the NHL. So when it does, think about jumping on the opportunity.

Handicap each game knowing the situation

Don’t just follow stats. Sometimes, a team can go up 2 games to 0, will rest their players in the third game, and then try to close out their opponent in the fourth game or even the fifth game. The best NHL Playoff hockey coaches make decisions for the long term. Hockey is brutal on your body. So coaches want to ensure their players have something left in the tank for the second round, the conference finals, and then if their team is good enough, the Stanley Cup.

In the NHL Playoffs, a team can roar back from an 0-3 deficit

Because there is no such thing as a super team in hockey, squads that fall down by 3 games in a 7-game series have a chance to rally for a series victory. It’s not something that happens a lot. But it can happen. One of the reasons it can happen is because once a team goes up 3-0, they tend to relax. Also, coaches tend to think about the next round, which isn’t always good thing. So don’t believe that a team that goes up 3-0 is an automatic to either win the fourth game in a series, or to even win the series.

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