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Top NFL Teams to Win the 2022 NFC Championship

By Hank Blaine

We’re at the final month of the regular season. Although playoff seedings remain up in the air, NFL handicappers have a good idea which teams in the two conferences should make the playoffs. See below for a list of the for sure NFC Playoff teams along with their profiles an chances of winning the NFC Championship.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa heads into their Week 15 rematch against the Saints on a 4-game winning streak. The Buccaneers beat the Buffalo Bills 33-27 in overtime in NFL Week 14. The victory shows the Bucs have what it takes to win the conference. But the win over the Bills also shows Tampa isn’t unbeatable. Tom Brady and his teammates built a 17-point lead only to see it evaporate. Because Tampa continues to struggle in the run game and in their secondary, the Bucs are just a good bet to win the NFC.

2022 NFC Championship Chances: Good

Green Bay Packers

Heading into halftime of their eventual 45-30 win against the rival Chicago Bears, it looked as if GB might lose their second game in their last three. The Bears had scored 24 points in the second quarter to take a 27-21 lead into the half. But in the second half, the Packers dominated on both sides of the ball. Green Bay outscored Chicago 24-3 to win going away. The victory underscores how cohesive of a team Green Bay has become.

The Packers’ defense played it’s best half of the season. Aaron Rodgers torched the Bears for 4 TD passes and 341 yards. Rodgers is, again, making a case for NFL MVP. Also, Green Bay appears to be getting healthy at the right time and the defense has gelled. If the Packers grab home field advantage, and they are the current 1-seed, all roads to the NFC Championship should go through Lambeau, making Green Bay the best pick to win the NFC title.

2022 NFC Championship Chances: Great

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Dallas Cowboys

Dallas played a fantastic game to beat the rival Washington Football Team in their last, but we shouldn’t read too much into the victory. The Cowboys have struggled against bad teams this season, including losing back-to-back to the Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders. The Dallas offense is terrific, and the defense, led by likely rookie of the year Micah Parsons, has come a long way. But the Cowboys are likely to have to travel in their divisional playoff contest, and should they win, travel for the conference championship. So the Cowboys have only an average shot at winning the NFC.

2022 NFC Championship Chances: Average

Arizona Cardinals

Before their Monday night loss to the Los Angeles Rams, the Arizona Cardinals had a great chance to win the conference. The Cards were 10-2 and destined for the 1-seed. The loss, though, took AZ from the 1 to the 3, which means Arizona is a borderline wildcard. The Cards can still rally for the 1-seed, but Green Bay should win out and GB took the head-to-head. Like Dallas, Zona has an average chance of winning the conference.

2022 NFC Championship Chances: Average

Los Angeles Rams

Don’t be fooled by LAR’s 30-23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals in NFL Week 14. The win doesn’t mean anything. The Rams remain a team with a somewhat mediocre offensive line and a bad secondary. Kyler Murray threw a couple of interceptions, including one in the red zone. Also, Kliff Kingsbury made a few questionable calls. Green Bay has already dusted the Rams while the Buccaneers are a much better team now then when Los Angeles beat them early in the season. The Rams are a good football team, no doubt, but both Brady and Rodgers will torch the secondary while the Rams’ O-line shouldn’t stand up against the type of pressure defensive lines put on quarterbacks in the playoffs.

2022 NFC Championship Chances: Average

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