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2022 FIFA World Cup Potential Final Matchups (Part Two)

By Jeff Stinger

The 2022 FIFA World Cup reached its final four. In one half of the picture, we find a gritty Croatia side that outdistanced expectations and made another deep run into the tournament with 37-year-old Luka Modric running point in the midfield. However, Morocco’s fairytale story overshadowed their efforts after becoming the first African country to book a spot in a World Cup semi-final. While traditional favorites France and Argentina remain on track to reach the last stage of the competition, it’s also worth noting that upsets can still happen.

Seeing that the 22nd edition of the tournament delivered multiple upsets, there’s always a possibility of watching the unimaginable unfold before our eyes. After all, everyone loves an underdog story. That said, Nitrobetting goes over the other half of the 2022 FIFA World Cup potential final matchups below.

A Look into the 2022 FIFA World Cup Potential Final Matchups

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Argentina vs. Morocco

Messi’s search for a World Cup title will draw two possibilities for Morocco, although any of his haters and Cristiano Ronaldo fans will question their previous wins due to the perceived degree of difficulty of the final opponent. However, anyone who believes this takes a jab at Morocco’s recent accomplishments. The North African side shocked the entire world when they sent Belgium home in the group stage. This win allowed the nation to progress to the Round of 16 with a testing matchup against Spain.

Once again, Morocco defied the odds and stretched the game to a penalty shootout where goalkeeper Yassine Bounou stepped up and denied Spain a path to the quarters. This was followed by another upset victory over Portugal in the quarter-final.

At this rate, the Atlas Lions would go down as the GOAT slayers. Cristiano Ronaldo may have played limited minutes in his final World Cup match, but Morocco all but ended his World Cup dreams. To get to the final, they would have to go through France and take on another GOAT in the making, Kylian Mbappe. And then there’s Messi, the slated greatest ever to play the game, on the final stage. That’s as compelling a storyline as anything. But first, Moroccans need to overcome France as +696 semi-final underdogs.

Croatia vs. Morocco

The last 2022 FIFA World Cup potential final matchup features two unthinkable finalists. Croatia already shocked the soccer world when they completed a run to the finals in Russia. Meanwhile, no one ever thought Morocco would make it past the group stage. Only eight nations have won the men’s World Cup, and the last time there was a new addition to the list came when Spain won their first title in 2010. This alone expresses how difficult it is to win the prestigious golden trophy.

Since the tournament in Qatar packs with some of the most interesting storylines soccer has to offer, it’s also worth noting that this is the only matchup that guarantees a new winner. If either of these two gets beyond the semi-final for a chance to become the ninth nation to win the World Cup, it would mark one of the most spectacular soccer moments within the decade. More than that, the scenario should be enough to draw anyone’s attention.

A Croatia vs. Morocco clash might not be particularly aggressive on the attack. Since the two sides are inclined to defend, we anticipate a low-scoring match by the final whistle. Penalties are also a feasible end to the game. Nonetheless, before a game like this could ever happen, Croatia has to pull off a surprise +402 underdog win versus Argentina in the semis.

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