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Top NFL Teams to Win the 2022 AFC Championship

By Hank Blaine

Heading into the final month of the 2021-2022 NFL Regular Season, AFC Playoff seedings remain in limbo. But although we don’t know for sure which teams will grab the top two seeds, we do know which AFC squads are in line for playoff berths. Check out a list of those teams along with their chances of winning the AFC Championship.

Baltimore Ravens

For the Ravens, things could fall apart in a hurry. Baltimore has lost two straight. Losing two straight is always a problem. It’s a much bigger problem for the Edgar Allan Poes because both losses happened to AFC North rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns. We can’t expect the Ravens to beat Green Bay this Sunday, which means heading into Week 16, Baltimore could be in a four-way shake for the AFC North Division. The Ravens remain the best team in their division. But even if they make the playoffs, they should be in line for an early exit.

2022 AFC Championship Chances: Below Average

Buffalo Bills

The rally against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 14 impressed. But let’s be real for a moment. Impressive rallies mean nothing unless the rallying team wins the game. The Bills still lost their second straight and third of their last four. Buffalo must beat the Patriots in the rematch on Dec. 26. If the Bills lose, it doesn’t matter if they win their other 3 games. Buffalo will have a 10-7 record and must settle for a wildcard. If the Bills lose against the Panthers in Week 15 or the Falcons in Week 17, they may not make the playoffs.

2022 AFC Championship Chances: Below Average

Tennessee Titans

The Titans may have weathered the storm. When Derrick Henry, the best running back in the NFL, went down, no team looked to be in a worse position to make the playoffs. Heading into Week 15, though, Tennessee has an unbelievable 9-4 record. Should they make the playoffs, and they figure to stamp their ticket in the next couple of weeks, Henry should be ready. With a healthy Derrick Henry, Tennessee can beat almost any team in the conference. If things break their way in the playoffs, who knows? The Titans might make their second Super Bowl in franchise history.

2022 AFC Championship Chances: Average

Kansas City Chiefs

After starting the season 3-4, the Chiefs have rolled to 6 straight wins. Every victory impressed, but the 19-9 win against the Dallas Cowboys should have opened every doubter’s eyes. In that game, KC’s defense held the highest-scoring team in the NFL at the time to less than 10 points. The victory over the Boys sums up why Kansas City has a good shot to win the AFC.

The Chiefs can score in bunches, we know that. But in recent weeks, Kansas City’s defense has played lights out. KC gave up 9 to the Cowboys, 9 to the Broncos, and then 9 to the Raiders in their NFL Week 14 contest. If Kansas City’s defense continues to play well, they’ll roll through their rivals until facing New England in the AFC Championship.

2022 AFC Championship Chances: Good

New England Patriots

The hottest team in the NFL has also become the league’s best. New England is such a well- disciplined, amazingly coached team that quarterback Mac Jones threw 3 passes against the Buffalo Bills in NFL Week 13 and the Patriots still came out ahead. New England may not have the best players. But every players knows his assignment on every play. Bill Belichick is the best at game planning for specific opponents.

Also, Jones completes over 70% of his passes. So if it comes down to Kansas City and New England, we must expect Belichick to come up with a game plan to contain Patrick Mahomes and the KC offense. Bill Belichick is the reason the New England Patriots have the best chance of winning the AFC Championship.

2022 AFC Championship Chances: Great

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