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2021 MLB National League Odds Favorites

By Carlos Chacon

As we wait out the MLB offseason, plenty of thoughts cross our minds, with the MLB National League Pennant winners on top of that list. The league is scheduled to start on April 1, 2021, and features all 30 teams lined up and ready to kickstart the season once again, with the regular season running up to October 3.

April couldn’t come any sooner, and that doesn’t stop us from getting an early look at the favorites in the National League, based on the latest 2021 MLB National League Pennant futures odds and exciting teams to look forward to this season.

Updated 2021 MLB National League Pennant Odds

Team Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers +170
San Diego Padres +425
Atlanta Braves +525
New York Mets +525
St. Louis Cardinals +1300
Cincinnati Reds +1600
Washington Nationals +1600
Philadelphia Phillies +2000
Chicago Cubs +2200
Milwaukee Brewers +2200
Miami Marlins +3000
Arizona Diamondbacks +4000
San Francisco Giants +5000
Colorado Rockies +6600
Pittsburgh Pirates +12500

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Who are the favorites to win the 2021 MLB National League Pennant?

Judging from the list of featured teams below, not one of the five teams in the NL Central made the cut as favorites to win the National League pennant this season. That just goes to show just how much more the heavyweights from the NL West and NL East want it more this year, or so it seems at least given what has transpired this 2021 MLB offseason.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The team records 24 pennant titles and 34 appearances, making them the winningest franchise in the league. They are in the running to secure their fourth NL Pennant in 5 seasons as the prevailing World Series Champions. Also, the upcoming season and its new schedule might work in their favor even more.

With a solid core team and supporting cast, they remain favorites to win the 2021 MLB National League Pennant. As of this writing, the LA Dodgers are the MLB NL pennant favorites with +170 in futures odds to win.

San Diego Padres

Another promising team this year that is also viewed as among the MLB NL pennant favorites comes in the form of the San Diego Padres, who are +425 in futures odds to win the 2021 MLB National League championship. The second-favorites to win the title won 37 of their 60 scheduled games–only 6 wins behind the Dodgers.

The squad looks strong this season thanks to GM AJ Preller. Of course, for the Padres to be able to recreate a fairytale run this season, they need several things to fall into place to overcome the Dodgers in the NL West Standings.

Atlanta Braves / New York Mets

They’re not exactly considered on the same level as the Dodgers or the Padres at this time, but it’s fair to say that the Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets have cases to be made about why they are MLB NL pennant favorites, as well. The Braves and Mets add an interesting twist to the story as both teams reside in the NL East.

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*All stated odds are subject to change without prior notice.