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The Rise of Decentralized Autonomous Sportsbooks

By Hank Blaine

Things change quickly in the cryptocurrency industry, which is why one of the most relevant advancements when it comes to crypto betting platforms is the rise of decentralized autonomous sportsbooks (DAS).

A crypto betting platform and a decentralized autonomous sportsbook can bet the same thing or two different things. An online sportsbook could allow sports bettors and casino gamblers to fund their accounts with cryptocurrencies. That doesn’t make them a DAS.

What is a DAS, and why should all gamblers consider opening an account with a decentralized, autonomous sportsbook? Check it out.

Decentralized autonomous sportsbook key features

Below are the key features that makes a decentralized autonomous sportsbook different from a traditional online sportsbook that accepts cryptocurrencies.


All transactions, including every single bet, deposit, and withdrawal, are recorded on the blockchain, making them verifiable and transparent.

Trustless System

There is no central entity like a credit card organization. DAS operators and gamblers rely on smart contracts and the codes and algorithms embedded in those smart contracts.


DAS provides anonymity that’s not available via traditional online sportsbooks. If privacy is a concern, then a decentralized, autonomous sportsbook is for you.

Global Accessibility

Anybody with an internet connection can join a DAS. Your geographical location doesn’t matter.

Reduced, Often Zero, Fees

Because there is no centralized authority, fees are much lower to fund and withdrawal, and DAS bettors take advantage of reduced juice and higher payout casino games. In many cases, there are no fees to fund or withdrawal.

How a DAS Platform Works

Now that we understand the key features of a decentralized autonomous sportsbook, let’s take a look at how a DAS platform actually works.

Sports bettors and casino gambler interact with the DAS through a decentralized application or DApp. The DApp allows gamblers to fund their betting accounts, make withdrawals, and bet on the same sporting events and top casino games they can through a traditional online sportsbook and casino.

Smart contracts handle the functions associated with betting: placing wagers, determining winners, and making payouts. There is no central authority that keeps track of all the things associated with gambling.

Gamblers fund and withdrawal crypto to and from their personal wallets or via a crypto account on a platform like Coinbase or Cash App. The transactions are anonymous, meaning Coinbase does not know you are funding your betting account with your crypto.

The smart contracts receive information from Oracles, which are external data sources. The Oracles provide real world information, like which horse won the Kentucky Derby and the amount it paid, to the relevant smart contracts.

Because of their reputation for anonymity, as well as lower or close to zero fees associated with withdrawals and deposits, and the fact all transactions are transparent as well as anonymous, decentralized autonomous sportsbooks have become the choice of many gamblers. The rise of DAS platforms should only continue as more sports bettors and casino gamers dive into the world of cryptocurrencies.

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