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NFL Preseason Bitcoin Betting Guide

By Hank Blaine

August usually marks the beginning of the NFL Preseason for the pro football league. There is no denying that everyone is thrilled once again to see teams in action again, the media hype, all types of debates going on about what team is a promise and which ones have had recent disappointing times.

We all follow headline moves during the off-season and are all eager to see how they work out.

Before the NFL season officially starts, each team has to get through their preseason schedule. Finally, after going several months without any games to watch, fans have the opportunity to start betting with Bitcoin again.

And yet the preseason games that take place at this stage are completely ignored by many fans. These games just don’t generate the same level of interest that competitive games do.

There are generally two schools of thought when considering betting Bitcoin on NFL Preseason:

  1. Bettors who ignore it because a large percentage of starters don’t play, creating a higher risk to win.
  2. Bettors that love to take a chance and look for the top betting opportunities for preseason contests.

Here are a few things to pay particular attention to if you want to take a crack at betting the NFL Preseason:

Favorite/Underdog Strategy

What may come as a bit of a surprise, for quite a few seasons favorites were generally a poor bet, coming in at under 46 percent against the spread, but that number has rebounded in recent years to nearly 55 percent.

Averaging those numbers out over the years and you have a nearly 50/50 split. Therefore, the best thing to do is likely to examine how the underdogs perform, both at home and on the road.

It may give you a heads up on the competition. The favorite/underdog option is definitely an all time thrill favorite.

Focus on News and Trends

As much as it is important to look at current rosters when choosing your picks, don’t ignore past trends.

Unless the team roster is structured nearly the same in terms of key players, past success or failure won’t necessarily accurately predict games in the present.  However, there can be tidbits of information from past games to help make the decision easier.

Also take notice of how often favorites covered the spread versus failing to do so. Similarly examine the same information for underdogs percentage of covering the spread.

Have a Week to Week Strategy

More-so than during the regular season, take each game week by week in the preseason. There is no significance to prior weeks during this time since the players who see game action changes drastically from week to week during the preseason.

It’s been shown that looking at the season, or in this case, preseason in its entirety can be erroneous for heavy underdogs. Simply focus on the now for best NFL preseason results.

Pay Attention to Low Totals

Due to the fact that the starting offenses rarely stay in the game for a large portion of the game, lines for game totals are typically very low.

It doesn’t pay a team to risk losing key skill position players or top offensive lineman in a game that is little more than a glorified scrimmage.

Search for information prior to betting on what players will see significant game action and which won’t. Also have in mind that players will always play on the safe side during the season, they want to be in their prime and ready to go when the NFL Season kicks off!

Be Picky Choosing Games

In all reality, the results of the majority of NFL Preseason games are a toss of the coin. This is due to a very basic game player generally employed by the coaches with very few if any stars playing significant time.

You may, however, be able to see an edge by keeping track of the line throughout the week. If there is a lot of movement, it is a good indication to move your bet accordingly.

Our recommendation is to not just throw down money randomly because you are itching to bet on an NFL game. Take your time and analyze accordingly to maximize your chances of winning.

There are plenty of sources with NFL Preseason betting info, where you can access live and past data of all the teams. And of course you can always check out our NFL Preseason odds at our online Bitcoin sportsbook.

Additional Tips to Bet the NFL Preseason

Hopefully following some of these tips you can leverage a bit more on betting on NFL Preseason games. Here are just a few more simple tips we thought of:

  • Timing is key
  • Sit out and analyze the first week
  • Go for the money lines
  • Focus on the Coach
  • Bet smaller than you would on the regular season

The determination that the team has to win is key to betting Bitcoin on NFL Preseason. If you can see what the two teams are willing to do to win the game, you stand a better chance of winning that bet.

Always remember that all these tips we give is because we read and learn from the best in the industry and study all the past data.

Still Need Help?

Check out our Bitcoin sports betting guides and news sections for more insights.

Remember to always have fun with all the action. Feel free to visit our online BTC Sportsbook with all the latest NFL odds.

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