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History of NFL Betting

By Hank Blaine

The NFL has been around for 80 years. Much has changed and since, which is the same thing with NFL betting. Nitrobetting guides you through the history of NFL betting for a concise background of how it has evolved through the years and how its current effect on online Bitcoin sportsbook betting.

Neighborhood Bookies were at the Forefront

In the infant stages of football betting, you would likely see the neighborhood bookies in bars or secluded, desolate alleys where he would conduct transactions.

Generally, the bookie would also be the type that most wouldn’t want to meet in a back alley for fear of bodily harm. After all, the tough bookie would be more likely to make sure bettors paid when losing and could con bettors or outright not pay them.

With the number of violent acts associated with betting on the rise, the government did its part to calm the situation.

They simply disallowed betting across the country, with the exception of Nevada. Therefore, Las Vegas became the hot spot for NFL gambling in the United States. Now, for more about NFL betting history…

NFL Betting in Vegas until Internet Craze

While Vegas was the place to go to bet on NLF legally, the betting world was quiet for only a relatively short period of time.

Gradually, local bookies came to the forefront once again in many locations. But why did this happen? There are a few simple reasons, among which is the fact that many people aren’t wealthy enough to take trips to Vegas every time they wish to bet on an NFL game.

For small bettors, it goes back to the question: how to bet on football?

Since most of them could not afford such expenses, they opted to resort to local bookies.

Striving for a legal way to keep business going, bookmakers took advantage of the rise of the internet in the early 1990s.

The internet made betting more relaxing for both the bettors and bookmakers.

Most Recent Trends

Online sports betting was just in its infancy years in the early 1990s, but at the turn of the century, the growth in NFL betting increased exponentially.

A lookback at the NFL betting history would tell you that by the mid-2000s, it was estimated that more than $10 billion in bets were taken online, with the amount doubling over just the next three years.

Fast forward to today and the estimate is in the neighborhood of $100 billion dollars.

The government is continuously putting forth the effort to make football betting on the internet illegal. They wish to do so by putting a halt to the cashflow to offshore companies.

One potential problem that has occurred is the appearance of frauds and scams in the betting industry.

There are several sites that help spot these fraudulent online sportsbooks, which have promoted growth in the industry, getting people back the money they were conned out of by fraudulent businesses.

NFL gambling will always remain a growing market, even more nowadays that the US is opening their legislation up. We are going to see a huge increase in the US and European markets.

And it’s only going to get bigger, which every country tries to regulate for it, is a clear contender for the second spot in the worldwide sports betting market.

The bottom line is that it’s about time for the NFL to drop its façade and give in to the fact they have been allowing side betting all this time. It should formalize its relationship and move forward and finally integrate a good working business model.

NFL Allows Sports Betting Lounges, but No Betting

Starting this season, some of the NFL stadiums are going to allow betting lounges, and teams can accept sportsbook sponsorships.

As the league gets more comfortable with all the sports betting regulations passing, they are aggressively pushing for its green light with these types of changes.

Don’t get too excited. Retail sportsbooks are still a no-no at the stadiums, not allowing any physical betting.

However, stadiums in jurisdictions with legal betting may offer their lounges, showcasing options on different sites and options for your taste.

Under the new laws they are trying to push, teams can designate an official sportsbook sponsor and use all they advertisement on uniforms, branding, even in their whole stadium.

Allowing the word “sponsor” to be shown for the first time.

Legal sportsbooks are now open and operating in 15 states, including Indiana, Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania that are home to NLF teams.

Several more “NFL hubs “jurisdictions are expected to launch this year including, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Illinois and Tennessee.

NFL Betting Trends

Pro football betting trends are on a rise and it gets better as we go.

To make it easy for those of you interested, we have updated NFL betting odds at our online Bitcoin sportsbook and you can check out the latest NFL betting news, predictions, and expert guides when you visit our Nitrobetting News section.

Looking to learn more about how to bet on football? Keep checking out the latest Football articles, along with other sports betting guides.

Happy betting!

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