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Maximizing Your Chances at Online Casino Tables

By Hank Blaine

Odds in the casino are different from odds when we bet on sports. Sports bettors are familiar with the terms against the spread, money line, and over-under totals. But unlike sports, where the odds are a dual relationship, for or against the spread as an example, casino odds are all about the house edge.

So if we wish to maximize our chances at the tables, we must understand house edge. Before getting into the games that provide us with the best chances of winning, let’s go over exactly what the house edge is.

Online Casino Games with the Best Odds

What is the house edge?

The house edge is the casino advantage. It’s a numerical calculation based on potential outcomes for every single slot machine, table game, or lottery type game like Keno.

The house edge is unchangeable. If you play a specific game, the game itself provides the casino an advantage. So if you land in Vegas and look for a casino with the lowest house edge, you may struggle to find it.

No matter the game, they all provide the casino with at least a small house edge. Casinos play the long game, though. So you can always win if you control the amount you play and for how long you play.

Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge

See below for a list of the casino games with the lowest house edges. We dive deeper into each game and provide tips on how you can win.


If you’re a knowledgeable blackjack player who doesn’t get sucked into making bad bets, you can lower the house edge to .5%. At .5%, the house edge in blackjack makes it the best game to play.

The reason the house edge is so low is that in blackjack, the rules for the dealer in a lot of ways favor the player. For example, the dealer must often stand on 17. The real edge the dealer has is that you must make a decision without knowing the dealer’s down card.

One word of caution. The house edge in blackjack significantly rises if you are a novice player. So educate yourself before playing blackjack with a lot of money.


James Bonds’ favorite casino game is also one of the easiest to play. All you must do is choose who wins the hand, player or banker. You can also bet on a tie.

The tie, as you might imagine, has the greatest house edge, 15.41%. The Banker has the lowest house edge, 1.01% for single deck baccarat and 1.06% or 8 deck baccarat.

But if you play the banker, you must give part of your winnings to the dealer. So it might make sense to go with the player on at least some hands. The player house edges are 1.29% in single deck baccarat and 1.24% in 6 deck and 8 deck baccarat.


For Craps, the house edges are low enough for you to score profit. The house edge on the pass line and the come line are 1.41%. The house edges on the don’t pass and the don’t come lines are 1.36%.

House edges go up significantly for other craps bets. Hardways are 11.1% or 9.09%. Big 6 or Big 8 is 9.09%. Any 7 is 16.9% and any craps is 11.1%.

Slots & Video Poker

When it comes to slots you must do research to find the games with the lowest house edges. If you’re playing for entertainment, don’t worry so much about the house edge. Also, always look for slots that are true random number generated games.

Video poker that are true RNGs can allow you to hijack the house edge. You must play perfectly, though, and you have to know what you’re doing. So like with blackjack, if you wish to play video poker for money, educate yourself regarding the game first.

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