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How to Make the Perfect March Madness Bracket?

By Carlos Chacon

First of all, let’s get this out of the way: making a perfect March Madness bracket is next to impossible. According to the NCAA, the chances of you predicting a flawless bracket from start to finish is either 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 or 1 in 120.2 billion, depending on whether you pick each team via coin flips or if you have some knowledge about basketball. That’s not stopping people from asking how to make a good March Madness bracket.

In this article, NitroBetting provides three tips as to how you can do just that. Be sure to check out the latest 2021 March Madness betting odds and lines for all upcoming games.

Three Tips for Making a Good Online March Madness Bracket

Research is Key

Sure, March Madness is an annual tradition of breaking basketball logic, but that’s not to say that arming yourself with as much knowledge about the field won’t benefit you. Even cursory research could go a long way in helping you rack up points in your NitroBetting Bitcoin Brackets contests.

Knowing which teams play at a fast/slow pace, takes a lot of 3-pointers, have elite rebounding percentages, and draws fouls at a high rate are just some of the details you can dig up from several free stats pages out there, which can all aid you in making intelligent decisions rather than randomly picking teams.

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Know Which Lower-Seeded Teams Are Hot

It also helps to know which lower-seeded teams are hot. Some programs, which were for most of the season considered bubble teams, made it to the field in March Madness by going on a terrific late-season run, including in their respective conference tournaments.

Sometimes, it’s just all about momentum in March Madness, especially in the first round, where upsets can definitely happen — and those upsets are what spoils most people’s dreams of making the perfect March Madness bracket.

This year, the Georgetown Hoyas and the Oregon State Beavers fit the description of lower-seeded teams being carried by massive momentum, as each booked a spot in the Big Dance by topping the Big East and the Pac-12 tournaments, respectively. Had they not won those tourneys, it’s unlikely that the Selection Committee would have let them in the NCAA National Tournament.

Don’t Always Go For the Favorites

Lastly, don’t always go for the favorites. Part of the fun of playing March Madness brackets contests is picking underdogs who could potentially take down the favorites in certain matchups.

Although No. 1 seeds are virtually locked to get out of the first round, other higher-seeded teams in different matchups are vulnerable to upsets, especially against mid-major teams that didn’t have a strong non-conference schedule but dominated in their own league, thus becoming a bit mysterious for the casual fan.

The No. 1 seeds are so tempting to pick on any given matchup, especially in the earlier rounds, but it’s best to keep in mind that in the history of the National Tournament, there has only been one instance in which all four top seeds have advanced to the Final Four at the same time. In other words, you should be plotting the journey of the No. 1 seeds carefully instead of advancing all of them into the Final Four round.

It’s also worth noting the No. 11 and 12 seeds have traditionally performed a lot better in the first round than what most people think. As of 2019, the No. 12 seeds have a 47-90 record against No. 5 seeds, while No. 11 seeds own a 51-88 against No. 6 seeds.

While those are clearly in favor of the higher seeds, it suggests that the No. 11s and 12s are major culprits as to why millions of brackets are busted early.

When Can You Make a March Madness Bracket?

You can fill out your Bracket as soon as Selection Sunday is over when the teams and their respective seeds have been officially released. You can join our 2021 March Madness Bitcoin Bracket now and make changes until the start of the first round of the Big Dance.

Now that you have an idea of how to make a perfect March Madness bracket, you can feel free to browse sports betting guides. While you are at it, go ahead and check out all the latest March Madness betting odds and more in our online Bitcoin sportsbook.

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