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Live Betting with Crypto

By Hank Blaine

When it comes to live betting, cryptocurrencies should be the choice. There are numerous reasons why we want to place live bets on a crypto sportsbook. Many of those reasons have to do with the advantages we get from crypto betting. Check out why, if you make multiple live bets, you will want to transfer your betting account from a traditional online sportsbook to a crypto betting sportsbook.

Advantages of Live Crypto Betting

Cryptocurrencies provide inherent advantages that aren’t available in old school online sportsbooks. Those advantages only arrive when betting on a crypto only platform. Funding your sports betting account with cryptos won’t yield the same advantages.

You must move your entire bankroll to a book that specializes in cryptos. Keep that in mind as you read the list.

Crypto Sportsbooks Provide Optimal Live Betting Lines

Because it’s cheaper to run a cryptocurrency sportsbook, there is less overhead and most crypto sportsbooks allow us to fund our accounts with various cryptocurrencies, crypto gambling platforms offer lines that favor bettors. To ensure profit, we must take advantage of optimal betting lines. In the long run, this is the best way to ensure we’re in the black.

Funding Our Accounts with Cryptocurrencies is Faster Than It Is with Fiat Currencies

The word live is meaningless in live betting if we can’t fund our accounts in time to make the bet. Funding our accounts via ACH or our credit cards can be a lengthy process.

But funding our accounts with cryptocurrencies is fast. As long as we use a currency other than bitcoin, the BTC network tends to fall behind other currencies in speed due to its proof of work consensus, we will never miss a bet because we’re waiting on our credit card company to okay the transaction.

Low Funding and Withdrawal Fees

There are few if any fees to fund or withdrawal our money from our cryptocurrency sports betting account. When it comes to live betting, those same advantages we get when we place a bet before a game starts applies.

There are multiple ways to boost profit. One is to take advantage of low or zero withdrawal and funding fees. Remember, sports betting is just like investing, meaning we put in what we get out.

When we sell stock, we must pay an up to 35% capital gains tax if we profited from investing in the stock. But when we withdrawal from profiting by investing in a live sports event, we pay a small, or zero fees, depending on the sports betting platform.

Live Betting Anonymity

A traditional sportsbook knows everything about you. Expect a ton of marketing material, and phone calls from tout service providers that have partnered with your sportsbook provider, every time you make a live bet.

Cryptocurrency books only require an email. They don’t have partnerships with shady tout services looking to part you from your crypto.

Cryptocurrency sportsbooks are much better gambling platforms than traditional online sportsbooks. When it comes to live betting, we should always play on a crypto book because the chances of getting shut out of a live bet are much greater than when we place a wager before tip off or kickoff. Ensure you can make your live bet by moving our bankroll from an old school book to a crypto sportsbook.

Where to Bet on Sports with Crypto

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Feel free to browse sports betting guides. While you are at it, go ahead and check out all the latest sports betting odds and more in our online crypto sportsbook.

*All odds stated are subject to change without prior notice.

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