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BTC Betting Strategies for Top Sports

By Hank Blaine

It’s likely that if you are reading this, you are a fan of several sports and like to betting with Bitcoin on a variety of events.

Think about your BTC betting strategies and ask yourself if they differ from sport to sport.

If so, you have to change your approach and pick a betting strategy based on your top sport. This will maximize your chances of winning.

Let’s take a look at some strategies for the top sports.


Don’t get lured into strictly betting on the team with the highest scoring offense. While offense is fun to watch, the age-old notion that defense is the key to long term winning still holds true.

At the forefront of the defense is the goaltender. The best tactic for betting on hockey is to go with the team with the best goaltender.

It’s similar to going with a pitcher in baseball that is on a winning streak.

  • Only Bet When There’s Value: Avoid NHL long-shot bets that aren’t likely to win, also, backing the heavy favorites that will win you nothing.
  • Specialize: NHL has several markets. Find the one that works best for you and focus your bulk betting on it.
  • Keep a Record: This goes for the games and the markets. Keep note on which teams are delivering and see which markets suit you best.


Although there are obvious differences between the NFL and College Football, there is one common thread between them.

The team with the better quarterback has an advantage and a clear majority of the time the team with the best quarterback comes out on top.

If you are defensive-minded, you may go for the team with the lock-down defenders.

After all, despite the abundance amount of offense today in the NFL, a top defensive team still has a good shot of going deep into the playoffs.

Types of NFL Bets

  • Point Spread
  • Futures
  • Money line
  • Teasers
  • Parlays
  • Totals
  • Props
  • First Touchdown Scorer
  • Half or Quarter Betting
  • Half-Time / Full-Time


As is the case in many sports today, baseball is offensive-oriented focused on producing large number of runs via the long ball.

You can go with the “hot offense” strategy or bet on the team on a roll.

It seems what was said years ago, however, still is the best way to go. Good pitching beats good hitting more often than not.

Go with that approach and don’t be surprised to cash in twice as often as not.

Three most popular markets for the MLB betting picks:

Money Line: Which of the teams will win, as simple as that. Many sportsbooks add an extra inning so be careful on that.

Run Line: This means “against the spread”, betting on the underdog, the team who has a deficit to make up.

Game Total: How many points/runs a game will have. You have the option to go under or over. Again, many sportsbooks add that extra inning.

Other markets available for baseball:

  • Run lines
  • Long-term bets
  • Outright bets


It’s true that teams with a superstar player has a leg up on a team without one.

However, an underdog team with a better starting unit can oftentimes cover the spread, even without a big superstar.

One thing to note is that upsets rarely happen in a long NBA playoff series when betting on the outcome of a series.

If loosing at the collegiate level, stars will vault their teams to victory the majority of the time, however in a single elimination tournament, won’t guarantee a title.

Another good tactic is when the teams are evenly matched is to go with the team with the better coach and defensive scheme.

Build a Predictive Strategy

A successful BTC sports betting strategy is more than using a well formulated tips and picks. It’s being careful on finding the bets you should and should not be making.

To make sure we are all on the same page about building a predictive strategy let’s see what this means first.

This is the percentage that says how likely we assume a team is to win a game. Its sound fancy but the premise is simple. If you think a team is going to win an 80% of the time they play, then your predictive probability is 80%.

You have two main approaches when it comes to predictive percentage. The first one is the eyeball approach and the second one is the mathematical approach.

As the word explains itself, the eyeball approach is less than professional, this is when you collect your own data, analyze it and come up with your own conclusion.

The mathematical approach is created with an actual formula that gives you a percentage based on that stat and factors you feed it.

Do Your Homework

BTC Sports betting is not something that is a given, it doesn’t come easy to anyone. It really doesn’t matter how high your IQ is.

Betting with Bitcoin is something that rewards people that do their proper research and homework.

What do we mean? We mean that if you want to profit, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort.

What do we mean by homework? We mean reading thru all the stats, watching past game footage, and do everything in your power to find breaks and edges on how to break the bank.

Do Not Get Emotional

With Bitcoin betting, you have to think with you head, not with your heart. Just being a fan is hard enough, so imagine while betting, it increases tenfold.

When you’re just thinking now of winning or losing money,you’ll see that the stress levels go through the roof.

A missed free throw or dumb mistake by a team member that makes your favorite team lose the game also makes you lose money.

Rounding Up

Let’s hope that now you know a bit better that just pulling picks out of thin air or throwing darts with no direction towards the wall isn’t the most profitable thing to do.

Like we mentioned beforehand, if you want BTC sports betting a profitable business, you have to follow a structure, a perfected strategy with its backed research.

This article wasn’t meant to take all the fun out of betting for you, it’s just a reminder that there are things we can do to make it more profitable.

So, if you’re just betting for the kicks and the extra thrill, you can disregard this guide we drafted up and forget the seriousness. But, if you’re wanting to turn a profit and start to make online BTC betting a successful hobby, this betting guide is just for you.