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Bitcoin Casinos vs Traditional Online Casinos

By Hank Blaine

Online gaming is on the verge of a revolution. While most online casinos continue to work as traditional operators, bitcoin casinos are becoming more en vogue. Although the buzz bitcoin casinos have generated is close to deafening, are BTC casinos really better than their traditional counterparts? We’ve come up with six criteria that will help us answer the question. Check out which casino leaps ahead of the other based on our six criteria.

Which is the Better Option?

Safety & Security

Traditional casinos require personal and private information. By private, we mean sometimes the info goes way beyond your address, phone number, and email address. What’s worse is that many traditional casinos sell your info.

Bitcoin casinos don’t ask for personal information. You fund your BTC sports betting account by adding bitcoin, which represents a monetary value. Then you withdraw the same way, via a digital code that represents the value of your withdrawal.

You then convert your bitcoin into the currency, fiat or crypto, of your choice.

Advantage: Bitcoin


Traditional casinos can sometimes fudge the numbers. By the word fudge, we mean traditional casinos aren’t always transparent about potential payouts.

Also, although most casinos use an RNG, random number generator, it doesn’t mean that the traditional casino you play in does. Bitcoin casinos are clear and transparent. You know the odds

You know the potential payout, and you know that it’s almost impossible for the BTC casino operator to fudge the numbers.

Advantage: Bitcoin


Funding a traditional casino account can raise your costs to play. Deposit fees can get up there if you don’t use crypto to fund your betting account.

Fees to send and receive BTC are far less than fees associated with funding your traditional casino account. In most cases the only fee you must pay is from the fee your facilitator, like Coinbase or Cash App, charges you.

Advantage: Bitcoin

Bonuses & Promotions

Traditional casinos hand out hefty bonuses, but the bonuses often come with rollover requirements. Not only that, the bonuses and promotions from traditional casinos doesn’t always equal the amount you receive from BTC casinos.

Many bitcoin casinos offer bitcoin as a promotion or to win a contest. Bitcoin has become an accepted store of value for investors. So receiving bitcoin is always a positive.

Advantage: Bitcoin

Game Variety

Traditional casinos provide a variety of games. Most traditional casinos provide more games than BTC casinos. It’s only a matter of time before bitcoin casinos catch up. But, for now, traditional casinos have the advantage.

Advantage: Bitcoin


It’s almost impossible to fund your casino account with a credit card. CC companies ask personal information and don’t like when you fund your account.

That’s not the same for bitcoin casinos. BTC casinos make it easy for you to fund with bitcoin, which means all you must do is get the required digital code and add that to your Coinbase or other BTC facilitator account.

Advantage: Bitcoin

Bottom line? Bitcoin casinos are by far more advantageous to players than traditional casinos. The next time you decide to play a casino game, consider going with a BTC casino before a traditional casino.

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