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Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos vs. Traditional Casinos

By Hank Blaine

There are plenty of reasons playing in Bitcoin casinos is better than playing in traditional online casinos. After studying almost all the advantages, we’ve come up with a top five list of reasons you should start playing in a BTC casino and ditch your traditional online casino.

Top 5 Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos vs. Traditional Casinos

1. Odds transparency

Traditional online casinos claim they run games via a random number generator. But how random is the number generator?

It’s a legitimate question. What a traditional casino says it does and what it does could be two different things. Bitcoin casinos operate via transparency. You know true odds when you wager in a Bitcoin casino.

If you’re a sports bettor, you understand that knowing the odds is the first part of making smart bets. You won’t always make winning bets, but you will make smart bets, which is the only thing we can do when betting.

In the long run, the more smart bets we make, the more we profit.

2. Safety and security

It would take 51% of all nodes to steal a transaction. By 51%, we mean thousands of computers would have to decide to steal the same transaction.

It’s almost an impossibility. We can’t write impossible because nothing is 100% impossible. But the amount of work it would take to steal your Bitcoin casino deposit is as close to impossible as it gets.

The real reason? Proof of work rewards Bitcoin miners to create blocks, which means the rewards of validating and securing transactions is more than the reward from stealing almost all BTC transactions.

3. Game variety

Variety of games is a sign of an honest casino. The more games there are, the more ways players can win. If a casino offers fewer games, there’s a chance those games could be more prone to shady tactics that lead to losses.

Also, it’s easier to manage payouts when there are fewer games. Traditional casinos that offer fewer games may be fudging the amount they pay out on each win.

Bitcoin casinos often provide more games. Not only that, but the payouts are also often higher due to Bitcoin’s transparency and decentralized aspects.

4. Convenience and cost

It’s a pain to fund traditional casinos with credit cards, wire transfers like MoneyGram, or even eChecks. Credit card companies get involved every step of the way.

Not only that, but funding via traditional methods is a burden. Bitcoin casinos require a single funding method. It’s fast, safe, secure, and allows you to keep more of your money in your pocket.

5. Better bonuses and promotions

Traditional casinos are notorious for providing small print bonuses. A small print bonus doesn’t explain in exact detail the parameters of the bonus. For example, a 100% bonus often comes with a 10x rollover.

Bitcoin casinos often provide better bonuses and promotions. Also, Bitcoin bonuses and promotions are easy to understand. If there is a rollover, you will know it before you deposit and accept the bonus.

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