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Advantages of an Anonymous Betting Site

By Hank Blaine

One of the greatest advantages of using a Bitcoin-only site is anonymous betting. At non- anonymous sports betting sites, you can fund your account with BTC. But that’s not the same as playing on an anonymous betting site. Check out the five reasons you should consider signing up, and playing at an anonymous sports betting site.

Top 5 Advantages of Anonymous Betting

1. Nobody questions why you are betting

When you play at non-anonymous betting sites, there’s a chance a spouse, a coworker, a friend, or anybody in your circle accidentally or by choose accesses your information. If they do, they might see that you’re betting on sports.

Although sports betting has become much more mainstream in recent years, it’s still something that many people consider a fringe activity. Is it legal? Is it not? It’s best not to have to answer those questions by betting anonymously.

2. Anonymous betting sites won’t sell your info to tout services and other sites

Bitcoin isn’t always anonymous. If you fund your traditional sportsbook account via BTC, it doesn’t mean you are anonymous. It just means you are using bitcoin to fund your account. So when you sign up with a non-anonymous betting site, you must provide information to prove you are you. That’s all well and good.

However, a lot of sports betting sites that don’t say they’re anonymous, because they aren’t, sell your information to list gatherers who give them to tout services claiming they’ve got inside information.

You could also end up on other lists. How? Once a site sells your name, the buyer resells your name. Soon, you’ll get numerous calls throughout the day for things you have no interest in purchasing.

It’s best to go with a straight up anonymous betting sportsbook, one that only accepts bitcoin or another crypto and doesn’t care about making money off your info.

3. Anonymous betting sites are more secure

Almost all anonymous betting sites accept BTC and nothing else. Bitcoin is the first ever layer-1 blockchain, meaning it’s as safe, and secure as possible. It would take 51% of all Bitcoin nodes to agree to steal a transaction for something like that happen.

Could it happen? Sure, but all BTC nodes are busy, which means the chances of them deciding to steal your money is close to zero. Also, BTC is proof of work based, which means nodes get rewards for mining Bitcoin, not staking it.

PoW is more secure than PoS, proof of stake, which means Bitcoin is more secure then Ethereum or pretty much any other crypto blockchain out there.

4. You cut out the middle man, aka, credit card companies

Credit card companies, the choice of many non-anonymous betting sites, charge exorbitant fees, always know what you’re purchasing, and aren’t the kindest folks you’re going to meet.

Anonymous betting doesn’t use credit cards or other funding sources like eChecks or MoneyGram. To fund your anonymous betting account, you send crypto, almost always bitcoin, from where you store your BTC, to your anonymous betting sportsbook.

5. Your business is your business

Number 5 on the list is a partner to number 1. It’s also the most important reason to sign up with an anonymous betting sportsbook.

In today’s world, your information is everywhere. It’s impossible to keep things private nowadays. Blockchain technology solves the privacy issue by turning all your transactions into digital code.

Your business is your business. Nobody has the right to tell you what you can do with your money. Signing up with an anonymous sports betting site and taking part in your passion is up to you, not someone else.

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