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3 Way Soccer Betting Explained

By Hank Blaine

Soccer betting is different from the type of betting U.S.-based players are accustomed to. In the United States, we make spread bets on football and basketball. Because of that, we’re not exposed to 3 way soccer betting. What is 3 way soccer betting? Keep reading for information on how in soccer you can play the draw, and advantages to all three soccer bets.

A Closer Look at Betting on 3 Way Soccer

What is 3 way soccer betting?

In soccer betting, players can wager on the money line, the handicap, or the draw. See below for advantages each option in 3 way betting provides.


Soccer money lines are bets on which team wins in regulation. A soccer match lasts 90 minutes plus extra time. If you make a money line bet on a team to win in regulation, but they don’t, the match ends in a draw.

What’s the advantage to betting on a money line? Because of the presence of a draw, money lines can offer overlay odds. See below for money line odds on an English Premier League match between Chelsea and Arsenal.

  • Chelsea +410
  • Arsenal -154

Not only does the match happen on Arsenal’s pitch, but with 75 points heading into the match, the Gunners are a point behind Man City for the Premier lead. Chelsea has 39 points.

Arsenal has for sure had the much better season. If there was no draw in 3 way soccer betting, what would Arsenal's odds be in the match? Closer to -250, possibly even -275 or -300.

The draw adds value to soccer money lines, which for sports bettors like us is a good thing.

Soccer handicap

Check out the soccer handicap odds for West Ham United versus Man City.

  • West Ham United +1.5 +127
  • Manchester City -1.5 -163

Think about the soccer, or Asian handicap line like an American football against the spread line. So when we bet on the Raiders to beat the Broncos at -3, we’re betting the Raiders will win the game by 4.

The Asian handicap is slightly different because it accounts for the draw. In Asian handicap betting, you can get part of your wager back for betting on the underdog depending on the outcome.

If you bet on Man City based on the above odds, the outcomes are straightforward:

  • Man City wins by 2 – you win
  • Man City wins by 1 – you lose
  • Match results in a draw – you lose
  • Man City loses – you lose

But if you bet on West Ham, you can get back some of the money you wagered even if West Ham loses.

  • West Ham loses by 2 or more – you lose
  • West Ham loses by 1 – you win
  • West Ham draws – you win
  • West Ham wins – you win

Why would anybody bet on Man City considering the only way you can win is if City takes the match by at least 2 goals?The money line on the Sky Blues in this game is -450.

So by laying the -1.5 goals, you increase your pay out, which means you can wager less and cut potential losses.

Soccer draw

A draw in soccer happens when both teams tie at the end of 90 minutes and extra time. Even if there must be a winner at the outcome of the match, like the final in the World Cup, your draw bet ends at the end of regulation.

It doesn’t matter that Argentina beat France after regulation in the World Cup Final last year. If you bet on a draw, you won your bet the minute the game ended in regulation.

Draws are great ways to boost value. The draw odds for Chelsea versus Arsenal are +310. The draw almost always offers overlay odds. Also, draws happen a lot.

Some teams attract draws. As of April 30, Newcastle United is 18-11-4. In soccer, records have a different format than leagues like NFL and NBA, the draw is the middle number. So Newcastle, one of the EPL’s top teams this season, has won 18 times, drawn 11, and lost 4.

Making winning draw bets is a great way to boost your bottom line. Look for teams like Newcastle, which show more draws than most. Because the draw almost always offers overlay odds, you can profit big time.

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