Peer into the vast night sky and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of falling stars or even the dreamy Astraea – the daughter of the god and goddess of dusk and dawn. Legend says that she used to live on Earth but shot back into the skies when too much misery took over the lands. Ever since, only the luckiest ones have been able to spot her amongst the constellations, sweeping stardust, and ensuring that stars are shining their brightest. Will you be able to catch Astraea’s eye? How many stars will you transform into great wins?

Among the symbols spinning on the reels, you will find a range of card values from 10 to Ace, each connected with its own individual star sign and the rest of the symbols are items connected to astrology.

This slot features a “Wild” symbol: a question mark that can replace any other symbol and increase your chances of winning. If you’ve hit upon a winning combination, the “x2” symbol can appear on any of the reels. This symbol is your ticket to a bonus multiplication game, the aim of which is as follows. At the start of each round, you need to choose a card with a picture of the character you want to back, after which two cards duke it out.

Your winnings will increase exponentially with each victory and the multiplier can potentially hit the starry heights of x32. However, if the card you choose loses, this will be the end of your bonus game. What’s more, you can collect your winnings at any time.