Capitalizing on Live Sports Betting Action

One of the best ways for handicappers to profit betting on sports is to make in-game plays. In-game plays, or live betting, is comparable to day trading stocks. A day trader may purchase a stock in the morning and then sell during the day. Some day traders buy and sell the same stock multiple times in a day. In-play betting allows us to utilize the… Read More

Traits and Habits of Winning Bettors

Bitcoin sports betting’s popularity is on the rise. The reason is that betting with Bitcoin allows us to keep some level of anonymity, and making bitcoin transactions is more secure than making transactions in fiat currency. But just because something is becoming popular, it doesn’t mean we’re good at it. In this blog, we discuss the traits that make successful sports bettors. Check out those… Read More

Understanding the Rules and Maximizing Sports Bets

If you bet on a Bitcoin sportsbook, and you should if you don’t, you may have noticed that betting limits are different from what you’re accustomed to seeing. This is because the price of BTC fluctuates by the minute. Sometimes, the price of Bitcoin could have a massive fluctuation within seconds. So BTC betting limits differ from fiat currency limits. Check out what you must… Read More

Using Analytics for Better Sports Betting Decisions

On September 7, the NFL Season got underway when the Detroit Lions beat the Kansas City Chiefs 21-20 in an upset. The Lions opened as a -6.5 underdog against the spread. Not only did the Lions win the game, but Detroit paid backers handsomely. In this blog, we use the Lions versus Chiefs game to analyze how big data could have pointed to high-probability betting… Read More

The eSports Betting Revolution

If you’re an old-school gambler, one who plays the ponies, bets on NFL games, and sits down at the blackjack table, you may not know that the fastest-growing segment in gambling is eSports. That’s okay if you don’t. Eventually, though, you are going to want to look into eSports as a way for you to expand your betting horizons. See below for why eSports leagues… Read More

How Smartphones are Transforming Sports Betting

In the past decade, mobile betting has gone from something some of us do to close to one hundred percent adoption. Although mobile betting doesn’t happen for every sports bet, it’s getting to the point where the one-hundred percent mark is in our sights. Almost every sports handicapper bets via their smartphones. Check out why this is true and why we will never return to… Read More

The Growing Popularity of Cryptocurrency in Horse Racing Betting

Horseplayers have begun to step onto the crypto wave. Cryptocurrencies provide advantages to horse racing betting enthusiasts that fiat currency doesn’t. In this blog, we study some of the reasons the cryptocurrency trend is hot with horseplayers. Reasons Horseplayers are Turning to Cryptocurrencies Takeout percentages are rising Takeout is the percentage from each dollar bet on a horse. The specific racetrack determines the takeout. As… Read More

The Psychology of Sports Betting Patterns

The psychology behind betting patterns is too difficult to decipher in a single blog. However, we can discuss how studying betting patterns can lead to more winning sports bets. Betting patterns can point to specific trends that allow us to read the market. Below, we dive deeper into this incredibly profitable skill. How to Use Betting Patterns to Our Advantage Studying betting patterns is a… Read More

The Surge of Women in Sports Betting

One of sports betting’s stereotypes is that men bet on sports and women don’t. The truth is that women have always bet on sports. They just never had an outlet to do so on the regular until 2018 when sports betting started to become more mainstream. See below for a deeper dive into the women don’t bet on sports stereotype as well as trend analyzation. Read More

How Social Media is Shaping Sports Betting Culture

Many states in the U.S. have legalized sports betting. As more states jump on the sports betting bandwagon, one of America’s favorite pastimes will become more mainstream, which means social media platforms will become more of a force. Even today, with some states like California having not yet legalized sports betting, social media is shaping betting culture. Check out the ways social media is affecting… Read More