Superb Cup

Superb Cup

The sky is clear, excitement fills the air, and the stadium comes to life with anticipation. Today’s forecast is clear: victory!

Experience double the thrill as a football match that decides your luck unfolds on the reels. The crowd will roar with each goal, but you will have to give it your all if you want to win the golden cup for yourself. The rival team has waited for ages for this moment, and they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to beat you. Get ready now, it’s time to take your winning shot!

Enjoy the beloved game in a wholly new format and immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of a football match combined with the pure thrill of classic game mechanics.

On the reels, you will find a football, a whistle, a goalkeeper’s glove, football trainers, a flag and the winner’s cup.

Superb cup slot is a classic football-themed game featuring 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 lines, winning combination pays from left to right.

The only feature in the game is a Prize Multiplier for filling the entire field with the same symbol. When this occurs, all winnings during this spin are multiplied x2.