Mancala Quest

Mancala Quest

Your adventure begins under the strong summer rays in the African Savannah. Not just that – but one filled with mysterious treasures and hidden artifacts buried just beneath the surface. An ancient civilization has once prospered here, and legends say that there are handfuls of lost treasures still waiting to be found. And as Carl and Lisa have already traveled to every corner of the globe for hidden treasures, this has got to be where it sits. With bags and tools in hand, will you manage to uncover them all with them? Will the sandstorms get in your way? Find out if luck will be on your side in this adventurous quest of a lifetime.

Among the symbols, you will see binoculars, a compass, a flask, a journal, Wild symbols, a handful of precious stones, and a unique mask that takes you closer to side Mancala game.

Mancala Quest is a 5-reel, 4-row, 25-line game featuring Stacked Wild symbols that become Sticky Wilds during free spins, and a Mask symbol that triggers the Mancala Bonus game.

During the gameplay, watch out for the Stacked Wild symbols on reels 1 and 5 which can trigger free spins ad both substitute all symbols except for the symbol of a Mask. The Mask symbol on reel 3 triggers one round on the Mancala bonus game board each time it appears.

Free spins are triggered by either one or both stacked wilds appearing ‘fully stacked’ on their respective reels during the base game. When a Stacked Wild appears fully stacked in a spin it will automatically trigger 10 Free Spins and be held for the duration of those free spins in a form of a Sticky Wild. If at any point during those free spins the other Wild should also appear fully stacked 25 Free Spins are then added to any remaining free spins left over from the initial set of free spins and the 2nd wild is also held. If both stacked Wilds appear fully stacked in a single spin, then 35 Free Spins are awarded and both Wilds are held.

Mancala Quest Bonus is a side game that can be found on a side of the reels. The game board consists of two rows of 6 cups side by side and there are 4 stones in each cup for a total of 48 stones.

At opposite ends of the game board, there are two collection trays that represent the player and the opponent’s ‘Store’ where stones from the game board will be collected.

Any time that the Mask symbol appears on reel 3 it will trigger one round on the Mancala game board. A ‘round’ in the Mancala game is one full turn of both the player and then the opponent, with the player always going first. A round starts with a cup on the player’s side of the board being chosen at random and then always moving in a counterclockwise direction around the game board, all stones in the chosen cup are placed into each adjacent cup one by one until the last stone has been placed.

Any time the last stone placed in a player’s turn lands in the player’s own store it is collected, and the player then receives another turn. The same behavior applies in any opposing turn whenever the last stone placed happens to land in the opponent’s own store. When moving stones around the game board, both player and opponent always skip over the opposing Store.

Capturing stones

If the last stone placed in a turn lands in an empty cup on the same side as the player whose turn is in play, and the cup directly opposite contains any stones, both the last stone placed and all stones in the opposite cup are captured and placed into the Store of the player whose current turn it is.

If all 6 cups on either the player’s or the opponent’s side of the board ever become empty, then the Mancala game ends. If the player’s side of the board becomes completely empty first, then any stones remaining in the opponent’s cups are collected into the opponent’s Store. If the opponent’s side of the board becomes completely empty first, then any stones remaining on the player’s side of the board are collected into the player’s Store.

Winning and Prizes

Once all stones have been collected the number of stones in each Store is tallied and whoever has the most stones in their Store wins the game. There are three possible outcomes to the Mancala Bonus game: Win, Lose or Draw. In all three outcomes the player will be awarded 15 Free Spins but with different prize outcomes:


If the player wins, their total win is multiplied by an amount determined by how many more stones they have in their store than the opponent. In the case of a minimum win by only 2 stones a +1 multiplier will also be added.


If the game ends in a Draw, then the total prize awarded will be multiplied x2.


If the game ends in a Loss, then a prize amount is awarded based on the total bet.

During any Free Spins awarded from the Mancala bonus game, the Wilds on reels 1 and 5 are not stacked and will only appear as 1:1 Wilds.

After any Mancala game is concluded and prizes have been awarded the game board is reset before starting the next spin.